Creating Lasting Value for our Clients


Walsh King & Company has a specialised and focused approach to the audit services that we provide. Our audit techniques reflect efficiency and flexibility ensuring we deal with the individual challenges that each unique situation presents while at the same time appreciating the statutory and regulatory requirements.


Walsh King & Company has trusted advisors with both the expertise and experience to complete audit engagements in a comprehensive and efficient manner.


Accounts Preparation

Our Accounts Preparation Services are tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. From producing year end financial statements to the preparation of management accounts we assist clients in every aspect of accounts preparation.


Our efficient and effective staff have the knowledge and experience to guide clients through any accounting issues that arise.


Management Accounts

Our management accounting service encourages the best practice and accounting standards within your business.


Management accounts provide awareness of deadlines and are invaluable in providing timely information ensuring your business has all the resources to succeed in today's changing economy.


We avoid the use of technical accounting language and, as always, our expertise is available at competitive rates.


Corporate Compliance

At Walsh King & Company we ensure all our clients are fully compliant with regard to the Companies Acts.


We assist Company Officers with their responsibility of keeping their organisation compliant and ensure that returns are filed and filing fees paid.